Should Mark Richt be fired?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

College Playoffs Please!!

 The reason the NFL is so successful is because we get a true champion come January. The playoffs cause so much excitement that it is unreal. NFL popularity has risen to unbelievable heights! Commissioner Goodell has done a great job marketing the sport to the degree that, no other sport comes close in comparison to this sports organization PERIOD! Cold you imagine what it would be like if college football would take the same approach? Image a 16 team playoff or a 8 team playoff or even 4. The sports world would tune in because it would be compelling and dramatic! I don't have all the answers to how the bowls would be compensated or what not but, I do know when you have a true "Champion" as the end of a season long journey; it matters! The proof is in the pudding! The NFL has a true champion that is almost non-debatable. The losing team usually has excuses to make but, who doesn't? The truth is that they are the undisputable Champions!

 College football doesn't have this in place yet but, I feel that it is coming. Could you imagine Alabama after having a three loss season still having a chance? Neither can I but, in the NFL it happens where teams that had no shot ie.. the Arizona Cardinals of a couple of seasons ago, had a shot to win it all. Alabama would be a team this season that no one would want to face in a playoff for example. Boise State lost last weekend for the first time but, I couldn't imagine any team wanting to play them either. How about Nevada? They make a good case too! Throw in TCU who has been nothing but dominate in their own right. I would love to see games like: Alabama vs. Oregon, Boise State vs. Ohio State, Wisconsin vs. TCU, Auburn vs. Iowa, Michigan State vs. Nevada for example and then see who advances. The matchups being legendary! Could you imagine the possibilities? It would be a football fans dream! I am dreaming of that day and so should you. The NFL would have a run for it's money for popularity. College football fans have so much loyalty and passion for their schools and the "underdog" factor would play a huge part as well. I hope the Collegiate Presidents wake up soon and see that the playoff system would be way more beneficial then some meaningless bowls of 6-6 teams!

Who is Miami or the "U" going to hire for a head coach?

 Miami it is a "no brainer" to me. You have a proven head coach living south of you in Key West. What are you waiting for? Mike Leach would win you a National Championship in no time "hands down"! Sure, he has  had his share of misfortune in Lubbock. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Mike Leach is the "professor" and the way he calls an offense is unbelievable! There weren't many defenses that could handle his style of play! The Texas Tech Red Raiders weren't even on the map until he got there. The Red Raiders were near at the top of every offensive category. They were in the top ten nationally and, I will bet most of the alumni and fan base there is missing him now.

 Hello is anyone at Miami paying attention? Mike Leach recruited at Texas Tech some very good athletes where, it is not as easy to recruit as most major universities. Florida is a breeding ground for some of the greatest talent in the country. Could you imagine his offense with even more gifted and talented players? Wow! Nothing against Michael Crabtree, he is great in his own right! At Miami, Leach would have many Crabtree's at his disposal! Recruiting in Florida is a coaches dream. Speed is at a premium and the talent is almost second to none. If Leach got the most out of his players at Texas Tech, imagine what he could do at Miami. The sky would be the limit. Dare I say unstopable? It would be like Spurrier the "evil genuis" with the offense he ran at Florida. I hope Miami gets it right for their sake but, the choice seems pretty clear to me just south of their location!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is it with Georgia?

Georgia had plenty of chances to put that game away with Tech! They had an early lead and just tried to coast and before you knew it there was a ballgame again. Georgia fans are frustrated with Bobo's playcalling and, I see why. When you have a chance to bury an opponent, you should go for it. The back-to-back run sequence in the third qtr is evidence of such. AJ Green and Orson Charles was absolutely burying the secondary of Tech. Georgia decided to run the ball and protect the lead. They ran twice to no avail and then asked Aaron Murray to convert a third and long in which he was sacked. That series opened up the game again just like Arkansas. In the Arkansas game, Georgia had a third and one where they tried to get cute and pass and it didn't work. What is Georgia's offense? Very good at times to get the lead and then very protective when they have it! Georgia has no identity and that is what has their fans mystified! SEC offenses in the past would run and get it. Mano "e" Mano may the best man win! Everyone is trying to be cute anymore! Power football and great defense win Championships! It's always been that way and it will always be that way! When your best player is your QB and WR, then you need to stick with that! Stick with your formula for success and don't deter from it for any reason!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Auburn won't win the National Championship!

Why Auburn won't win the National Championship

Auburn won't win the National Championship because simply their defense is terrible. They can't stop anyone! Oregon would put up 70 easy on this defense! Auburn plays Alabama Friday in the "Iron Bowl"! Alabama is a more complete team and should beat Auburn. Cam Newton however, has a way of taking over in the 4th qtr! This is a very compelling game! I don't see anyone in Auburn's secondary being able to cover Julio! I could be wrong like many times before but, Alabama is the superior team here bar-none! They are more complete period! If Auburn could play defense, then it would be a different story! Alabama is at home and I can't see Auburn winning this game! Auburn played Alabama tough last year but, Alabama was undefeated at the time. The Tide has changed figuratively! There is no way Alabama losses this game! Cam it was a great run but, like all great runs it ends here!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I say no! Whoever speaks such words isn't a real UGA fan! We have had the likes of Goff and Donnan and you want Richt to be fired! Are you serious?? Who will we get if we fire Richt? Sure the defense has fallen off since Van Gorder left! Sure the defense was terrible under Willie and not so good thus far under Grantham! Doesn't Grantham at least get a chance? Wait it out people! Give Richt a chance to right the ship! Richt hasn't done nothing lately for us but, in the beginning, he was unbelievable! Give the man a chance to get it right again! I believe he will. I don't understand the loss at Colorado this year anymore than you do, however; we did have a freshman QB in Murray who hasn't played great on the road until we  went to Auburn! He did fantastic the first half and well the second half everything came crashing down. I know blame Bobo or whatever? Go to AJ more? Run more? Bobo has to go right? Wrong! Auburn got after Murray the second half and made the adjustments they had to. Auburn is more talented and if we would have beat them it would have been a great coaching job period! Mark is a great coach and the sooner you people get off his back the better off UGA will be! He is feeling the pressure b/c of us all unrealistic fans! His job is hard enough! If the Georgia nation could be patient and quiet, which is hard for most of us to do, and let the coaches do their job; we will be ok! Come together Dawg Nation and support our coach and team! They need us with them and not against them!